tiistai 22. syyskuuta 2015

Obeliski ja viisikulmio Vatikaanissa ja Washingtonissa (video)


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  1. The difference is that the obelisk in the Vatican has a cross on its top signifying Christianity's triumph over Freemasonry. Epic fail there, you'll have to do better than that.

    1. Washington is essentially the "New Rome" like I already pointed out on my blog post a few years ago. The link is below the video.

    2. You failed to address my point: which was that, unlike Washington, the obelisk in the Vatican has a cross on top of it signifying Christianity's triumph over Freemasonry.
      Btw: the above video which I posted in response to your trolling on the Fitzpatrick Informer site is no longer available in the UK.
      Also, you might like to peruse the following article:
      It seems that the UK, at least, is in the grip of Jews rather than Jesuits.
      I find it interesting from looking down your tags list that you don't consider Zionism an important issue since you fail to list it. that raises red flags for me.

    3. This is a Finnish blog, Zionism = sionismi, look again. Zionists are a part of the control grid, but not the only ones. I have an article about the myth that the Israeli lobby controls the USA, which has over 100 sources. Just click the links I provide there:


      As to your original point, the obelisk is a well known pagan and occult symbol, they shouldn't have one right next to the church that is claimed to be the "mother church" of Christianity. Putting a cross on top of it doesn't change that. What's more, the cross is originally a pagan symbol itself, symbols don't even belong to true Christianity. I should probably point out that I'm not a Christian myself, but an agnostic theist and a neutral observer interested in the truth. And then there's the pentagram at the Vatican, which is a symbol of Venus/Lucifer.

      Anyway, Washington, D.C. has been laid out like the Vatican/Rome, the US congress building looks very much like the St. Peter's Basilica and is situated on Capitol Hill, like the Capitoline Hill in Rome. They even have the two Roman fasces in the Capitol building. People say "follow the money", and it's a good advice, but they should also say "follow the symbols".